Saturday, November 5, 2011

Balancing in Shanghai: Goods on bikes

Totems: The Exaggerated Streets of Shanghai:

This new photo series, titled “Totems” from French photographer Alain Delorme, has captured a documentary style feel of Chinese society and the smaller trades that take place on the streets of Shanghai. His photos depict a sunny Shanghai and encompass the typical people one would find about the city — running errands, walking to work, small street vendors — mixed together with workers of superhuman abilities and strengths, moving monumental amounts of “Made in China” goods throughout the city.

Delorme was fascinated by street merchants loads. Fascinated by how workers could stack laughable amounts of weight upon their backs, and then move smoothly through a bustling city full of expansion and economic growth. With their loads exaggerated, the photos catch his subjects in different scenarios, ranging “regularly between different urban temporalities: the everyday, the ephemeral, the constant movement of pedestrians and the change of urban sites and new buildings, and several slower pace” collages. What really catches the eye, are the bright colors Delomre has chosen to manipulate in his works. His subjects work in landscape emitting hope and prosperity for the future; migrant workers alongside Chinese nationals, establishing themselves as the backbone of Shanghai street business.

via: Lookslikegooddesign & Alain Delorme

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